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Best Five Arabic Poetry In English

Best Five Arabic Poetry In English
Best Five Arabic Poetry In English - File Images

1. World Charming Lady

World Charming Lady Almighty Hallelujah who made your love being in my blood and who make me to see in you my happiness and removing the carefree. How to see you in front of me? How to see you in front of me without meeting, picture, or my sketchbook ? How letters differ however, your name starts with the last letter of my name? Who did digger your name in my heart, and draw your name in my tattoo?  Who did order Cupid to hit your heart with the arrow of my love ? What is the secret of insomnia at night, and that sleep is lost from my eyes?

Did they change, Did they modify the phone numbers so that my phone number ends with your name? Oh woman, Oh woman has affected everything inside me O spirit became heavy by my body I wish sleep lasts years if I saw you in my dream Your beauty has gone beyond the limits of perception and philosophy of understanding Any poet fails to describe you and people call him illiterate.

The letters of all languages of the world and accents of speech are not enough to describe you All poets were unable to describe you and all them were in a state of minnows Some said they were surprised and they blame who called them to describe you Your mercy your mercy world charming lady that you are the light and we are the darkness. 


2.Human Angel

Human Angel I loved her by my heart before my eyes and when my eyes fell in love,
I melted Heart complained about my eyes,
 "Do you love my beloved?"
Eyes answered, "O heart, do not covet, we have left her for you many days.

We were deprived of it until it became a wish..Time went on and my nights grieved.
And why do you complain while you loves her with your longing and tenderness?
 As eyes, we love her charismatic face and body
everyone is fascinated by the beauty of her face and body"
The universe has never seen her beauty, even if it increases in somebody If it increased in the heart, face and body of someone, her beauty increased by her spirit with musk and basil O world, do not expect anyone to match it Rafif is only one and others are nothing.

Allah wanted her to have all human adornment and be a beauty reference as standard measurements.
I find the shyness what rejoices my heart Her talking is literature poems and melodies If her lips drawn a smile, depression and sadness would be removed from the heart and if I got a look from her eyes.

I tasted happiness and lived joy Relax your heart from searching and traveling to find love Rafif is the meaning of love and its address If you want to see angels, and do not know if they lives on Earth, Come and ask me, I have a share.. Allah made angel in my hands looks as a human being.


I wandered as butterflies wandered around flowers
Even the East almost touched the West
I write here and write there I describe my condition in an easy.

And clear language I do not want to go back or Not to catch the swarm that I missed
They cut my wing and did not take care of my feelings I fell in a desert outside my path My grouch almost killed my faith
I almost forgot that Allah had destined my destiny I lived in the hope of finding my pleasure And I said, O myself, you have to be patient Do not ever near taboo

And do not rush the livelihood before its coming Despite the fullness of the world with evils
But Allah knows, and I do not know That is good in any chests Perhaps there is a heart relaxes my chest Brotherhood is not the brothers whom by parents

But brother, whoever comes to you for looking after It is the light in my darkness  It is me who knows I will not find in the depths of the sea Never a pearl as the pearl of my sea .


Our world has separated us from apse and gifted us cruel hearts you suffer in front of them whining they treated you by more tough I wish the days to return what you had taken from us by power after the soul has returned to us.

And the dimension became a step between us! And we said to sadness, be far! We are with our lovers in harmony! We are surprised by the disappearance of the deck and a hole in the sea swallow our dreams

O Lord of Heaven, we have been afflicted we have nothing except pray to you ,You are the one who deposited love in us I am the offering and redeemer of my beloved.



Why is your personality that stopped me?
Why do you have a different world?
Are you my medicine prescribed by my doctor?

Why you ?!!

Why are you who I loved her and no one else?
Why when I see you, I forget my past?
 Why in your distance, sadness and vanquished?

 Why you ?!

Why I see you different?
Why does not my heart find intimacy except you?
Why in your distance a river becomes dry?

Why you ?!Why?
Reply to me. Say. Explain why all this! Why only your heart that gives me tenderness?
And why longing to you makes me crazy?

Why you ?!!
Why is there between me and you telepathy?
Why take me thinking abou