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Merry Christmas 2020, Image,Lighting the Christmas tree,Christmas Games,Christmas party Food , Movies

Merry Christmas 2020, Image,Lighting the Christmas tree,Christmas Games,Christmas party  Food , Movies
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Merry Christmas


The world we live in is filled with festivals,rituals, culture and every festival is celebrated with colours, lights, being with the loved ones. Christmas is one of the festivals that is celebrated world wideby hundreds and thousands of Christians and also surprisingly, many other religions people as well.  Let us have a look on the many colours of Christmas-


Santa is coming!

Children especially wait eagerly the entire year for Christmas as they know Santa Claus is coming on his cart that is carried by reindeers who can fly! Santa brings them gifts that is left inside the socks that they hang on the night of Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is basically a fictional character who is the main focus for kids during Christmas. One of the most amazing things about Christmas is family members or friends dressing up as Santa Claus to entertain the children.

Here’s some interesting facts about santa Claus-

  • Santa Claus is also knows as the father of Christmas!
  • He is well known to bring gifts to well behaved obedient children only, which is an excuse often used by parents to get their children into behaving properly.
  • It is known to kids that Santa usually brings gifts in Christmas nights or early Christmas morning
  • Santa Claus was once real! Once lived a man in the town now knows as turkey, called St.Nicholas who was well known for distributing gifts and treats to children. After his death, the tradition went on and many started dressing as Santa Claus during the Christmas Eve.


Santa Claus


Lighting the Christmas tree

The most well known and main Christmas decorations is the Christmas tree scientifically known as thebAraucaria Colomnaris or the cook pine tree.

The Christmas tree is decorated with lights, small toys paper ornaments, dolls. Mini candles are some times put on the branches and many gifts are kept under the tree for people celebrating it. The biggest attraction of the tree is the big star that is placed at the top of the tree, usually the youngest of the family is given that task as for them it was the most important part of the tree.

Here’s some interesting facts about the Christmas tree and the way it is decorated –

  • 98% of Christmas trees are grown on farms with the purpose of being cut down and decorating during Christmas.
  • The US has about 15000 Christmas tree farms and does a lot of business out of it every year.
  • Many people also use artificial Christmas trees as they do not want to cut down tree as it is harmful for the environment.


Christmas tree


Games played during Christmas

One of the most famous games played around Christmas is secret santa! It is actually more like a tradition. In this game, one person from a group of family or friends are assigned to buy a gift to another person, but the gift givers name has to be unknown.

There are many more games played around Christmas like

  • Guessing the Christmas object
  • Candy canes
  • Christmas memory games
  • Family feud Christmas
  • Blind folded Christmas drawing
  • Gift wrap up
  • Holiday story tellers


Games played during Christmas


Food for the Christmas party

Christmas parties usually include a variety of foods. Because Christmas is a traditional festival, it has traditional meals as well. Meals include Fried wish served with potato salad, mushroom soup, fish soup, lentil soup and many many more. Here’s a list of most common Christmas snacks and meals

  •  Creamy hummus
  • Mashed potatos
  • Roasted potato with creamy beets
  • Brussel sprouts salad
  • Sun dried tomatoes
  • Cauliflower with roasted garlic
  • Eggplant lasagna with lentil
  • Creamy cauliflower pasta


Christmas movies

Because Christmas is a well known festival, there’s always a tendency of launching new movies around Christmas as it is the holiday season, people tend to watch movies with family and definitely look for something new. And if the movie is about Christmas itself, it is like the icing on a cake.

Here is a lift so Christmas based movies that is watched and launched around Christmas due to promotional reason and family living room entertainment

  • The Christmas chronicles
  • The Grinch
  • Arthur Christmas
  • The Christmas prince
  • Home alone
  • Four Christmases
  • The holiday
  • Fred Claus
  • Nightmare before Christmas


There’s actually a bunch of more movies based on Christmas and Christmas Eve.


Christmas movies


Christmas gifts

The most exciting things about Christmas is receiving and sending gifts. The entire gift segment is actually very importantand is done with a lot of culture. From buying the gift  to wrapping it up and hiding it so that no one finds it before the Christmas Eve. There are a variety of Christmas present that is exchange on the eve. Many people think giving Christmas cookies is a very cultural gesture or many even send Christmas tree decor or mistletoe and bagel.

Here’s a bunch of handy Christmas gift ideas

  • Mason jar filled with candy
  • A mug with coffee beans
  • Recipe cards with Christmas snack ideas
  • Scented candles
  • Christmas tree decors
  • Cookies
  • Christmas movie DVDs and books
  • Christmas socks
  • Mixed fruits
  • Artificial miniature Christmas trees
  • Well written Christmas cards,better hand made


Christmas gifts


Christmas party ideas

Having parties at home or office is very common during Christmas. Not necessarily it has to be a grand party but surely there’s always a get together of family and friends sitting around the fire in front of a decorated well lit Christmas tree. There’s a lot of ideas for Christmas parties. Because of the snow and the winter, the party can be made very interesting. It can be a costume party, or a winter theme party. One dish parties are the best where one person is not pressurised to arrange food for everyone. Instead, every person brings different kind of food where there is variation and everyone can enjoy a little bit of everything.

Here are some unique and handy party ideas for Christmas Eve


Christmas party ideas

  • Back yard bash -It can be out in the snow with a huge bon fire for everyone to be warm. The Christmas tree can be set and decorated outside with a candle which will also helps keep everyone around it warm. The food can be kept on a patio table or any flat platform.


  • Under the stars on the roof- Christmas under the stars is a great idea and with the idea of going out in the backyard, you can also host a party out on your terrace. Clean all the snow up from the terrace and arrange some patio furniture with food and drinks and slow music.



  • Living room dance party- the party can also be very basic in your living room with food and drinks on the centre table and everyone else can sit around the table and play Christmas games and exchange gifts with slow music and chitchat


  • Christmas dinner – With whole meals on the dining table, you can celebrate Christmas with your family in a peaceful way having your meal and talking beside the colourful Christmas tree.



  • Office party- the party definitely needs to be out of any cabin maybe in the big meeting room or out on the roof. The room or the terrace needs to be well lit with lights and decorations so that people actually forget that it is their workplace and be comfortable around. The party can be very formal with no music and just large meal with drinks or it can be informal with loud music snacks and different kind of juice and other beverages.

Christmas is always loved by everyone and it is a perfect way to celebrate the winter and the snow. People love it for how colourful it is with all the gifts, parties, movies, santa Claus and most importantly, the Christmas tree. It is a festival, like most festivals, that bring the loved ones together and help them spend some quality time.


Happy Charisma




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