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World Cancer Day : What we have to do for a cancer free life

World Cancer Day : What we have to do for a cancer free life
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Cancer is one of the silent killers for human life. Suddenly it enters the body. Being a murderer before we realize it can destroy our precious lives. If luck is good, some people feel it in the initial stage. Then began the struggle for survival. At the end of various treatments, after spending a lot of money, one day he woke up as a cancer survivor. However, cancer can be defeated if aware. Let's learn the strategies.


You have taken your child to the doctor because of the disease. At his suggestion, a CT scan of the child's abdomen revealed some polyps in the abdominal tract. No, no, don't be afraid. Not all polyps are cancer. But some carry the message of the future of cancer. So not to be neglected or given importance. This can lead to Lifromini syndrome. Although it may seem normal at first, this disease can lead to leukemia, sarcoma, brain and breast cancer in the future.


These polyps can often enter the body through heredity. Breast and rectal cancers can be caused by genetic factors in the family. Since it is not possible to change the gene, the body should be screened on the advice of a doctor. If cancer is detected at an early stage, treatment should be started immediately. Because it is possible to stay healthy by preventing the spread of harmful cancer at an early stage.


Age is a factor in cancer. The risk of cancer also increases with age. Research says that if you are not aware, you can get cancer at any time in old age. Bone cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer - all have a deeper relationship with aging. Another important factor in the development of cancer is the type of lifestyle. Bohemian lifestyle, junk food, oily foods, untimely eating habits can be the cause of cancer for you. So be careful.


Eating habits to stay healthy: It is necessary to develop the habit of eating more green vegetables rich in vitamins. Put tomatoes, beans, potatoes, papaya, carrots, broccoli in your daily diet. Exercise 30 minutes every day or five days a week. Keep weight under control. It is not desirable to become fat in any way. It can cause your cancer. Refrain from smoking. Protect yourself from secondhand smoke. Refrain from drinking alcohol. Make sure that the sun's ultraviolet rays do no harm to your skin or body. If you follow these rules in life, who will make you sick and keep you in bed!